Starring Jamie Campbell Bower (Mortal Instruments City of Bones, Harry Potter, Twilight, Will, Camelot), Elarica Johnson (P-Valley, A Discovery of Witches) and Amanda Abbington (Mr. Selfridge, Safe, Sherlock)

A Romance/Experimental/Arthouse feature film that goes through the various meanings of what love is and how two people can be drawn to each other like kindred souls.

"Two souls lost in a world of modernisation find each other in a moments need for clarity and appreciation."

WINNER - Calcutta Film Fest - Best Experimental Film Outstanding Achievement Award
WINNER - Olympus Film Festival - Best Experimental Film and Best Actor Jamie Campbell Bower
WINNER - Virgin Spring Cine Fest - Bronze Best Experimental Film, Silver Best Director
WINNER - Madrid Film Festival - Best Actor Jamie Campbell Bower

OFFICIAL SELECTION - Arizona Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION - New Vision Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION - New Hope Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Portugal Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Madrid Film Festival (Nominated for Best Director, Best Film, Best Actress, Best Actor)
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Brazil Film Festival
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Dumbo Film Festival


After a successful capture of a known killer two detectives must solve a brutal massacre in East London


A successful therapist walks into his office and finds his patient has been murdered. He becomes the main suspect and will have to do whatever it takes to prove his innocence.

Following Footsteps

A humble young father lost in guilt, has to face up to the murderous events that happened 5 years previously in order to move on and get his son back.


A woman with no memory becomes the subject of sinister psychological experiments by a relentless scientist hellbent on answers for the dark mysteries of the human mind.


A mystery figure holds hostages to force change.